About Us

Back in 2003 Aaron Kinslow started his 1st goalie coaching position in West Fargo, ND for the West Fargo Youth Hockey Association and it carried over to the Crookston Youth Hockey Association. Later the Goalie Academy was started and Aaron organized his 1st goaltender camp in Salt Lake City, UT in 2009. In between then and now, Aaron and his staff have worked to develop goalies in this specialized position. These camps have now grown outside of the Fargo-Moorhead area.





Our Mission

The question is simple, why not attend a development camp that is designed to advance the fundamental skills needed in the goaltender position.


We know that every goalie plays the position differently based on their individual characteristics, how they process a given situation and by how they react to a given reacting to a situation. By knowing this and having patience, the right attitude, the right effort, and repetition everyone will learn at their pace and be successful.


Fundamentals focused on: skating/recovery, save selections, positioning/angles, rebound control and puck handling.

Other aspects of focus are behind the net situations, how to handle deflections, tips, screens, breakaways, post play and recognition of game situations. A skill that is expected, hardly spoken of is competition. Here at the Goalie Academy, we teach it. Learning how hard to compete and having that thirst and desire to not give up on a puck is a great mindset to learn. Lastly and most importantly having fun and creating that family of goalies that continues to build each other up every day.


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