Video Analysis Goalie Training – 1 yr video analysis coaching

This specialized training program encompasses many aspects of your game. This program allows you and one of our certified goalie coaches to work one-on-one developing and improving your goalie skills through video analysis of your games. This program also features on-ice drills, exercises that can improve your flexibility and mental game. This program is tailored for goaltenders working towards the highest level of hockey possible.

Program objectives:

  • Video Analysis of Your Game
  • Communication with your personal Goalie Coach
  • Improved Flexibility
  • Improved Agility, Balance, and Coordination
  • Improved Mental Focus
  • All Skating Drills Directly Simulate Game Situations & will Improve Skating Speed and Edgework
  • Goal Setting

Please Note: that when taking video there are instructions of how to upload and from where we would like for you to take the video from.

Pricing is based on playing a full season $2,030.00; playing 30 games $1,220.00; playing 20 games $810.00; and playing 10 games $420.00

Any questions please contact Aaron Kinslow at 701-866-0789 or at [email protected]