This specialized training program encompasses many aspects of your game. This program allows you and I to work one-on-one developing and improving your goalie skills through video analysis of your games. This program includes as follows...

Program objectives:
  • Video Analysis of Your Games submitted
  • Communication with your personal Goalie Coach within 96hrs of submittion of your games, a zoom meeting will be held to review your games.
  • Also included
    • Off-ice training drills to improved Flexibility, Agility, Strength, & Balance drills
    • Nutrition assistance & guidelines
    • Equipment Assistance in sizing & providing a personal shopper
    • On-ice skating drills, that will improve speed, edgework, & technique
    • Video & pictures of examples of objectives
    • Goal Setting

Please Note: that when taking video there are instructions of how to upload and from where we would like for you to take the video from.

There are two Options.

1) Pricing is per game $50.00, this is for each game submitted. Please email with the link of your game if you use You tube as the main streaming service so the time stamp is consistent for review. Any questions please send an email upon registering for this service with your name and date or registration.

2) Pricing is $200 per month, this a reacurring membership for this all inclusive access and no limit to the # of games to get reviewed.

Any questions please contact Aaron Kinslow at 701-866-0789 or at [email protected]