Goalie Pictures:

These Pictures are a tool that we use to help document and determine how current equipment sizes are fitting. These pictures are also used to estimate a goalie’s new equipment size. 

Picture Taking Instructions:

These pictures should Capture all four sides of the goalie in their ready stance and an additional picture in their butterfly as shown below.

Where should these Pictures get Taken? These Pictures can be taken on the ice, off ice, or at home.

What gear should I put on? For best results dress in full gear (including Skates, helmet, gloves, AND stick). If Possible DO NOT WEAR A JERSEY OVER EQUIPMENT. 

How to send these Pictures? These pictures can be emailed to [email protected] along with the rest of the paperwork. Be sure to include the goalies name, town, who they play for, and your name. 

Goalie Equipment Fitting Sign-Up Form:


    Fill out the Sign-up form with your players information.     

    Please include the current Brand and Size of current goalie Gear. 

    Additional Information:      QUESTIONS TO ANSWER…

What is the “Interest in Online Goalie Fitting Prior to an Event/Camp” option? QUESTION #10      

 (Free equipment fitting events can ignore this)

As a part of registering with The Goalie Academy it is required to fill out a goalie equipment form. We are dedicated to ensuring that every goalie that we work with has access to gear and is equipped properly. Once the Paperwork is handed in, we review each players’ forms and pictures. If the equipment appears to be fitting correctly, we put the paperwork aside until the goalie is ready for new gear. If the equipment appears to not be fitting correctly one of our goalie equipment specialists will be reaching out to go over the equipment fitting information and schedule a time to have either an in-person or virtual goalie fitting. 

If you want to guarantee that we call or meet with you at the rink, please write YES. 

If you do not wish to hear from us, please write NO. We will not contact you so long as we do not have any concerns with the current fit of your goalies equipment. 

What is the “Interest in help finding gear” option?     QUESTION #8 If Yes please Email us ASAP

Goalie equipment shopping is exciting, but it comes with many challenges and can at times be very stressful. Oftentimes I get questions from parents such as…. When should we be thinking about new gear? How can you tell if gear no longer fits? What brands and pad styles would you recommend for my goalie? Is It Safe for my goalie to be in slightly used gear? How long do you recommend they stay in slightly used gear?  Where can I go to make buying gear more affordable? What website or person should I trust because they all contradict one another? I don’t have easy access to a hockey store, what do I do?

To lessen the stress on goalie parents and goalies we have developed a personal shopper program where we meet with goalies and their parents to answer any questions and help guide them through the goalie fitting and buying equipment process. 

To find out more information on this Service write YES next to the blank and one of our experts will be in contact with you. Otherwise contact Hannah Shultz by email at [email protected].         

Goalie Selling Form/Goalie Donation Form:


  1. If you are looking to sell gear, please fill out the form in the link above . NOTE: if the player is currently skating with the piece of equipment please note it on the sheet “looking to sell once new equipment arrives”. 

  2. In addition, please send pictures of the equipment. 

  3. There are two different ways we help sell used gear

Option 1

We will take the gear with us and find a goalie who would benefit from the gear. Once a buyer is found you will be contacted with an offer. If you accept the offer a payment transaction will be made between you and the customer, then we will deliver equipment to the goalie.

Option 2

We will leave gear with the current owner. When we come across a potential buyer, we will get the buyer and seller connected and they will negotiate a time and place to meet up to deliver gear. 


  1. If you are looking to donate your gear, please fill out the form in the link above. NOTE: if the player is currently skating with the piece of equipment please note on the sheet “looking to sell once new equipment arrives”. 

  2. In addition, please send pictures of the equipment. 


Additional Information and Next Steps: 

Please note that all Custom and New Pad orders are taking longer than expected to arrive. If you are interested in New or Custom pads and want them to arrive for the start of the next season, ordering in the early spring is advised. If spring has passed already, then it Is advised that the order be put in as soon as possible. 

Picture examples - please provide standing up and in butterfly




***** Any Questions Please Contact Aaron or Hannah *****