Private Lessons –

The Goalie Academy offers private goalie training throughout the year in the Fargo-Moorhead Areas with-in an hour radius. We have been offering private lessons since 1999, providing an excellent way to maximize your potential. We welcome new and returning participants and are excited to work with motivated goalies of all levels. You can register by emailing us at [email protected].

Private goalie training is a one-on-one lesson or a two-on-one lesson that is available year round. This involves goaltender-specific movement drills followed by the game situation, rebound control drills and individual save selection drills. All drills would be designed to attack observed weaknesses and areas of student’s concern.

For our student's convenience, the coaches are available to travel for any private training. We also welcome goaltenders from out of our area to travel to us for our professional training! Block off a weekend of training with The Goalie Academy!

All available times listed are the availability of our coaches for a lesson. Dates, times, and locations (subject to ice availability) are all listed. Lessons are not finalized until confirmed by a Coach. Once scheduled you with a coach you will be able to set up the frequency of sessions as it works you’re your availability with your personalized goalie coach