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Hand Eye Coordination Drills - Hand Eye Coaches on Facebook - lots of great drills

Flexibility improvement - Yoga, Dynamic & Static stretching, & a Ploymetric warmup

Back when I was working for the Nashville Predators I had the opportunity to Learn and train from their strength coach Mark Nemish. The program I was given is provided to all their goalies with in the Nashville Predators program. 

Dynamic Warm Up:

This aspect of your workout is simply to promote mobility in your hips and legs.  Performing these exercises will also aid tremendously in the prevention of muscular strains that can occur with high velocity/power training.  Do not neglect them! I recommend wearing cross-training shoes with the type of training so as to give you added support.

  1. Jog 1 lap around a 400m track

  1. Perform the following speed drills:

  1. Ankling:         3 x 30m

  2. Skip:         3 x 30m

  3. C Skip:        3 x 30m

  4. Carioca:        3 x 30m

  5. Butt Kicks:         3 x 30m

  6. Power Shuffle:    3 x 30m

  1. Stretch (static stretches as described in the flexibility section of the training video.  Future Pro - static stretching routine to follow along. click here

                    Static Stretching requires you to move a muscle as far as it can go without feeling any pain, then hold that 

                    position for 20 to 45 seconds. You should repeat static stretches two to three tiems each. This is a very effective

                    way to increase flexibility.


Posterior Capsule Stretch, Hamstring Stretch sitting & standing, Quadricpes Stretch, Upper Back Stretch, Shoulder Stretch, calf stretch, Hip and Thigh Stretch, Adductor Stretch, Standing Iloptobial Band Stretch, and  Standing Shin Stretch to name a few. If looking for more information here are a few links that can help with understanding how to perform each stretch. 




If interested in getting more information no the program I used with the Nashville Predators please email me at [email protected]

Acceleration/Agility Drills - I am not a licensed strength coach or nutritionist so please seek assistance when performing excersizes and if you would like to get this information in your hands, please contact me. 


The acceleration component of your game is of utmost importance.  Power, power endurance, and strength within your legs and hips will be trained in the weight room through a variety of exercises.  However, in order to get even more specific to the cyclical nature of the skating stride, explosiveness (acceleration) will also be trained with a variety of speed and plyometric drills.

Speed is directly related to the length of your stride and the frequency with which you can move your feet (be it with or without skates on).  As a result, the drills prescribed are designed to focus on:

  1. Getting off the ground as quickly as possible

  1. Mimicking the joint angles and direction of applied force of the skating stride

  1. Cycling the legs as fast as possible

  1. Driving your legs back through the ground against resistance

  1. Developing speed and power through the recovery phase of the stride (hip flexors)

  1. Enhancing mobility and flexibility in the hips

Your acceleration/speed workouts become one of the primary focuses of your power training.  Throughout this training phase, exercises are overloaded by increasing the number reps or sets and increasing the difficulty of the exercise.  Remember that in order to force your body to adapt and become more powerful, your workouts must be progressively overloaded on a weekly basis!  In the fourth phase, the acceleration/speed track workouts are dropped in favor of more specific on-ice conditioning.  As a result, your power workouts during Phase IV will be conducted solely in the weight room on Mondays and Thursdays.

The exercises have been grouped in each workout to develop vertical, horizontal and lateral explosiveness.  Perform the exercises in the order prescribed in the conditioning outline because certain exercises need to be performed first in the workout.  And finally, perform these acceleration workouts before lifting for you to be 100% fresh.

Rest Intervals:

Between repetitions of acceleration/speed sets, rest approximately 2-3 minutes or, how ever long you feel you’ll be ready to give a maximal effort and demonstrate quality explosiveness on your next rep.  These workouts are not designed to produce any conditioning effect on your body.  Secondly, I want you to be fully recovered between repetitions in order to perform the skill of each exercise correctly, explosively, and with the required mental focus.  If you are severely fatigued between reps, then these training goals will not be realized.  Remember, if you do not rest long enough between repetitions, then the hormone associated with power gains will not be released in a way that will maximize your gains.

Mental Focus:

With each repletion of every single acceleration/speed workout, you MUST make a conscious effort to acceleration your body as fast and as powerful as possible.  When jumping drills are prescribed, you MUST explode off that ground as quickly as possible in order to reap the benefits of the exercises.  If however, you are feeling pain in any of your joint when performing some of these exercises, then stop the exercise immediately and contact me.  Do NOT train through pain that may preclude your to injury.  Muscular soreness (not pulls or strains) that is associated with the intensity of training is something that is totally different.  This type of discomfort is something that you MUST train through!

Build Ups:

Build-ups prepare your muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments for faster running.  If you were to just go out and run fast without any build-ups in speed prior to running fast, then your chance of pulling a muscle is very much enhanced.  Mark out 40m on a track.  Perform 3 build up sprints of 40m in length.  Your first build up should be performed at approximately 60% of full speed.  The next 2 consecutive 40m build-ups should be performed at 80%, and 90% of maximal speed.  In other words, run slowly for your first build up and then increase the speed of your sprints with each successive build up.  Rest about 30 seconds between each build up.  Do not neglect performing these!

Acceleration/Speed Exercises:

(See the training video for a complete description of each exercise and the Conditioning Calendar for the actually daily prescriptions)


    Double Leg Jump

    Stadium Bound

    Zig-Zag Bound

    Cross-Over Bound

    Low Bound

    Power Skips

    Hill Runs

    Inside Leg Bound Up Hill

    Lateral Shuffle Up Hill

    Lateral Shuffle Up Hill (w/tubing)

    Lateral Bound Up Hill

    Fast Leg

Agility Drill Diagrams:


Good luck with training for power!  Phone me at work: (701) 866-0789 if you have any questions or problems with any of these drills.


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